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Mission: Sniper

The uncensored story of four snipers in Afghanistan. The story of four snipers in the heat of combat in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban insurgency. They were in the mountains, in the desert, in the villages. Follow them in this untold, uncensored story. Wali was also a volunteer fighter against the Islamic State. The war name "Wali" was given by the Afghans.

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The Other Side of the Lens

The Photographic Journey of a Canadian Sniper in Afghanistan Bombs, blood, explosions, violence, battles, helmeted soldiers, armed Taliban. These are the images of the Afghan conflict that we are accustomed to seeing. And yet, there is much more. There is another side to this country, Another Side of the Lens. Along with soldiers and misfortunes, there are human beings and moments of joy. This is what a soldier who was deployed twice to the Kandahar region reveals.

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My War

A documentary about freedom fighters against ISIS. A disturbing portrait of four Western volunteers who risk their lives to fight ISIS alongside Kurdish forces. The feature documentary My War probes the complex motives behind the need to take up arms on someone else’s behalf.